Starhold is a game about survival. You play a group of spacers struggling on the fringes of the last great frontier, scraping by in a cold universe. Out here even the smallest mistake can mean extinction, and help is a long, long way away. Pick your spacers, map your base, and buckle in.

This is gonna be one hell of a ride.

Starhold is a space-themed survival horror TTRPG made using the Powered by the Apocalypse system. The game takes inspiration from media like Alien, The Expanse, Mass Effect, and The Martian– media that explores what it’s like to live in the claustrophobic margins of a universe that is wholly hostile to our existence, and the moments of terror and glory that can arise out in the void.

At launch, there are eight different Spacer playbooks that you can choose from when creating your character: The Augmented, The Civilian, The Leader, The Muscle, The Scientist, The Specialist, The Stowaway, and The Technician. Each playbook has an additional three variants that you can also choose from to customize your playstyle further, meaning there’s a total of 32(!!!) unique Spacer types to play (not counting the ton of unique combinations you can make by taking moves from other playbooks). Whatever kind of character you can imagine, you can probably make it in Starhold.

Like many PbtA games, Starhold is flexible. It’s suited for both short one-shots and longer campaigns. And while the initial intent was to create a game system that facilitates a more grim experience, it can also be used to run games that are lighter in tone or explore a different genre, like mystery or action-adventure. Whatever your space-themed story might be, it can likely be played in Starhold.

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